2015 Social Media Statistics for Law Firms

It’s common knowledge that you need a presence on social media for your firm to thrive. Your networks are part of your digital footprint online.However, the most recent statistics are pretty shocking – especially when you consider the fact that Google uses social signals to decide how useful your site will be to searchers.

Recent Social Media Statistics for Law Firms

According to eMarketer, most businesses (including law firms) aren’t making the most of social media.

Here’s how it breaks down. Each social network is followed by the percentage of businesses using it.

  • Facebook: 41%
  • LinkedIn: 17%
  • Google+: 13%
  • Twitter: 12%
  • YouTube: 9%
  • Blogs: 7%

The good news for your law firm is that 41 percent of all small and medium-sized businesses are not using any social media sites.

Your competition might be part of that 41 percent, which is exactly why you need to get in and establish yourself as the subject-matter expert as soon as you can.

The most under-utilized areas – YouTube and blogs – are the ones that can make you stand out the most. There are billions of views on YouTube every day.

More than 329 billion people read blogs every month, according to NewsCred, and companies that publish new blog posts 15 or more times each month generate five times the traffic of companies that don’t.

Is your law firm missing the social media wave? If you are, can you afford to? If you need help moving your law firm in the right direction, call us at 800-842-8462 or get in touch with us online. We’ll help make sure you’re poised for success when it comes to marketing your law firm.