3 Reasons Your Law Firm Should Market Selectively

You don’t want every person who ever needs a lawyer to find your website.


If you think about it, you only want people who need help in your practice areas. Further, you only want qualified potential clients – those you actually can help. It does you very little good to attract website traffic from someone who caused a car crash while driving under the influence when you represent victims of those types of accidents.

You need to market selectively, and here’s why:

  1. You’ll waste your time answering queries from people you can’t help. Worse, you’ll get a reputation as someone who ignores potential clients.
  2. You’ll waste your money in an attempt to reach the largest possible audience. Why throw away your marketing budget to attract people you’re not going to help when you could be maximizing your marketing dollars?
  3. You’ll miss a very valuable branding opportunity. Your firm’s name can’t be synonymous with everything – but it can be synonymous with personal injury law, criminal defense or divorce. Firms that try to be the be-all, end-all of every practice area are spread too thin.

Selective marketing targets the right audience, has a higher return on investment and gives you a distinct advantage over law firms that want to attract everybody.