Effective TV Commercials

You’ve seen a variety of commercials in your lifetime—some good and some bad—but the ones that really stand out are those for products or services you needed and were driven to buy.

That’s the way effective TV commercials work. They get inside your head and cause you to remember a brand, and you remember it so well that as soon as you need what it has to offer, it’s almost as if you’re on autopilot.

As a lawyer, you need your own effective TV commercials. They’re the best way to connect with a huge audience, get them to remember your brand and encourage them to call you when they need help.

Unfortunately, producing videos, paying for written scripts and hiring talent is cost-prohibitive for most law firms.

That’s where Lawyer Marketing PR comes in.

Unlimited Access to Effective TV Commercials

You don’t have to spend a fortune to convey a powerful, unforgettable message.

We have an extensive library of professionally produced TV commercials for lawyers, and we’ll give you unlimited access to use them for a defined timeframe in your geographical area.

Further, if you choose to license our toll-free number for your geographical area, we’ll add it to the commercials to give your ads even more power. You’ll have your name, number and a custom voice-over working hard for you while they’re on and off the air.

Making the Most of Your Powerful, Customized TV Commercials

Buying advertising slots isn’t easy if you don’t know where to begin. We’ll help you choose the perfect times by sharing with you:

  • The demographics of a variety of shows
  • The most effective time slots for your field of law
  • The importance of the right kind of repetition

Because TV commercials generate a significant amount of business, it’s no wonder all the power players have them.

What’s tough for most firms is that the power players can get a monopoly on all the good cases because they can afford to pay for video production. They can afford to pay for video production because they have a monopoly on the area – it’s a never-ending circle, and many firms are left just outside of it.

When you work with us, though, you don’t have to stay outside that circle. Your professionally produced television commercials will put you right in the center of it, and that’s where you’ll stay.

Ready to Kick-Start Your Marketing with the Pros in Your Corner?

We’re not a marketing firm. We’re attorneys who have been through thousands of hours of trial and error to find out what works, and each time we find something valuable, we put it to work for our own firm. We manage to stay competitive in New York City, an area saturated with personal injury lawyers, using techniques just like those we want to share with you.

We don’t believe in contracts. What we believe in is delivering exceptional results that will help you launch your firm into the top spot in town, and because what we do is so valuable, we don’t need contracts to keep your interest – our results do that on their own.

When you’re ready, call us at 800-842-8462 or drop us a line. We’ll be happy to show you what we’ve learned and help you put it to work in your own practice.