Maximize Relationships with Existing Clients

Referrals are, hands-down, the best way for personal injury lawyers to bring in clients. They can come from current clients, past clients and even people who have contacted you in the past but never became clients. They can even come from professional referral sources.

Your goal as an attorney is to keep your firm’s name in the forefront of everyone’s minds. When they need a personal injury lawyer, you want your firm’s name to be the only one they can remember.

In order to do maximize your relationships with existing clients, you need to be proactive.
Do you remember every person who’s helped you, or are you more likely to remember those who have really made an impact by staying in touch?

Maximizing Your Existing Relationships

There are dozens of ways you can make the most out of your existing client relationships. We’ll help you with the most successful, including:

Newsletters and e-Newsletters.

Giving people the option of staying in touch and reading the latest news from your firm is always a great way to stay connected. The best part of e-Newsletter marketing is that people must opt-in; that way, you’re only reaching out to the people who want to hear from you.

Holiday and birthday cards.

With the hectic pace we’ve all adopted, we forget how nice it is to receive real, paper mail. When you send your clients branded, personal holiday and birthday cards, you’re making a valuable connection. You’re showing them that you care and that you’re thinking of them on a special occasion, and in return, they’ll think of you when they need you (or when someone they know needs you).

Logo items for gifts.

Giving your clients a constant reminder of your firm, your services and the ways you’ve helped them is a wonderful way to get them to keep in touch. We’ll help you make the right choices with branded logo items that make unforgettable gifts for past clients.


Your clients need to see that you’re helping other people. If you have a portfolio of past cases that your clients can click through—and even better, that they can share with other people—you’ll be taking a huge step past your competition. However, you have to have the right kind of portfolio, which we can help you create.

Blog posts.

Having a blog is about more than just feeding the search engines fresh content, although that’s a large part of it. Your blog serves to show your past, current and future clients that you’re the kind of personal injury that they can count on. You can use it to solidify your reputation as the subject-matter expert, and that’s priceless when it comes to marketing.

Lawyer Marketing PR and You

You need to be the “go-to” lawyer in your geographical area, and we’ve already established our firm as the “go-to” in ours. We’ll share everything we’ve learned and give you unlimited access to spectacular marketing tools, including professionally produced TV commercials, a vanity number and so much more.

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