Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

When people are hurt and ready to litigate, they look for an attorney who stands out from everyone else. They want someone who’s knowledgeable, personable and unrelentingly committed.

You may be all of those things, but if you’re not conveying that to potential clients, they’re not going to call you.
But how are you supposed to send the right signals that put you on clients’ radars?
Personal Injury Law Firm Marketing

A successful marketing plan is one that’s tried-and-true with a proven track record of results. Most people find that it’s best to work with another lawyer—one who’s already successfully used several techniques—to create their own marketing plans.
Let’s face it: marketing is time-intensive, and unfortunately, you could end up spinning your wheels rather than getting things done. It’s not cheap, either, so trial-and-error is not the most cost-effective way to expand your business.
Here’s the problem. Lawyers spend tens of thousands of dollars on personal injury law firm marketing, and sometimes, it just doesn’t work. Marketing for us is different from any other type of marketing, because every aspect of it hinges on—and feeds from—other aspects.
Your website has to be stellar. You have to have fresh, relevant content that your clients can connect with and that shows everyone you are the go-to lawyer. You have to take advantage of television commercials so you can reach people who aren’t surfing the Internet, and you should probably dive into radio ads for busy professionals who don’t have time to watch TV.

Don’t forget print.

And don’t forget the myriad other ways you can solidify your brand in clients’ minds, such as email, brochures and postcards, and complete business packages.

All of this comes with one giant caveat: you have to know what works before you invest in any strategy.

Law Firm Marketing PR with a Pro

When you need a winning marketing strategy that covers online, print and other mediums, it’s best to talk to a lawyer who’s already done it for his own firm.

That’s me.

From pre-made, winning television commercials to a vanity 800 number that potential clients can’t forget, I have all of the tools you need.
You’ll learn:

  • How to establish an effective call center
  • How to maximize your relationships with your existing clients
  • How to brand your firm so you’re not just another faceless law office with no personality
  • How to catapult your return on investment so you see big results
  • How to market your firm with forward-thinking, results-driven strategies

My successful personal injury firm has implemented all of the strategies I’ll share with you, and we have incentive to keep producing more ways to market – it really pays off for us.

Using our tried-and-true strategies and the resources we have available, such as pre-filmed television commercials that can be customized for your firm and an unforgettable vanity number that goes directly to your office, you can propel your firm right past the competition… and keep growing.

You’ll learn how to increase your business through referrals, how to get potential clients to trust you before you even meet them, and so much more.
Why waste time with a law firm marketing company when you have a lawyer who’s ready to share his firm’s winning strategies?

Call us at 800-842-8462or drop us a line. We’ll build your marketing strategy from the ground up, whether you’re in the middle of a rural area or you’re located in a big city competing with thousands of other attorneys like our firm is.

Meta: Personal injury law firm marketing isn’t the easiest thing to do, but with the right guidance, you can supercharge your firm’s presence.

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