Why Visitors Leave Your Law Firms Website

It’s great to have hundreds of visitors on your website each day – but are all those visits doing you any good?

Not if they turn around and leave without so much as a click to your “About” or “Services” pages.

What matters far more than page views?


A conversion is complete when you turn a visitor into a client. However, you can’t do that if visitors show up on your website, take a quick look around and leave.

9 Reasons Visitors Leave Your Law Firm’s Website

There are a number of reasons people leave one website to visit another. Think about the last time you searched for something on the Internet. Were you completely satisfied with the first result you clicked, or did it take a few tries to find exactly what you were looking for?

On the Internet, you have 3 to 5 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. Outside that incredibly short window, you run the risk of losing visitors to your competition.

So why do visitors “bounce,” or leave a website without bothering to click around?

  1. Outdated website design.Unfortunately, most people on the Internet do judge a book by its cover. If your website is outdated or is just plain bad, you’ll come off looking like a shabby organization. Nobody wants to work with a shabby organization.
  2. Bad content. If you have keyword-stuffed, poorly written content on your website, you’re going to confuse and annoy visitors. Confused and annoyed visitors click the “X” and visit your competitors.
  3. Poorly designed popups. There’s nothing wrong with a good popup – as long as visitors can close it quickly if they’re not interested. Some law firms make the mistake of creating difficult-to-close popups that users can’t close on mobile devices, and that’s a huge mistake.
  4. Lack of information. You can have the most beautiful design on the entire Internet, but if you don’t have any information to give your website substance (and to provide visitors with real value), they’ll leave and find it elsewhere.
  5. Hard-to-find information. If you expect Internet visitors to look for information for more than a few seconds, you’ll be facing a very high bounce rate. Information should literally be at visitors’ fingertips; if it’s not, they’ll head straight for your competitors.
  6. Poor usability on mobile devices. Everyone has a smartphone or tablet, but if your website isn’t optimized for either of them, you’re not going to have much luck appealing to that audience. Mobile optimization is something your firm can’t ignore.
  7. Slow loading times. The speed with which your page loads is incredibly important. You only have a few seconds to capture visitors’ interest, and if most of that tiny span of time is eaten away while the page loads, you’re selling yourself – and your potential clients – short.
  8. Autoplays and multiple offers to “help.” While one well-placed popup to find out whether users want to chat can be a great addition to your website, a bunch of popups spell disaster. Any content that auto-plays can be a disaster, as well. Users want the option of watching your video – and if you take away that choice, you’ll send them running. (Imagine that a user visits your website after watching music videos from his or her favorite band with the volume at 100… and then you startle them with the booming sound of an auto-playing video.)
  9. Spelling and grammar errors or non-skimmable content. People on the Internet have short attention spans, and if you drive them away with easy-to-find misspellings or improper grammar – or if you confront them with a huge wall of text (or worse, a wall of text that’s rife with errors), you’ll send them straight to your competitors’ websites.

Is your website getting you the conversions you want, or is it sending visitors packing as soon as they arrive? If it is, you might want to talk to someone who understands law firm marketing and who’s able to help you make the most of your marketing budget.