win win

Our goals are aligned with yours.

We’re making successful television commercials, radio ads and more. We already have the perfect phone number—it’s 800-VICTIM2—and they work so well for us that we’ll continue using them.

When you work with us, you get unlimited access to those things at just a fraction of the cost you’d be paying a production company.

It’s a win-win situation, and here’s why.

Unlimited Access to Effective, Results-Driven Marketing

Our firm successfully uses our TV commercials in our area (we’re based in New York). They won’t do us any good in San Diego, for example, or in Portland – but they’ll help you and your firm.

The same goes with our bilingual, toll-free number. If someone calls from Miami or St. Louis, we can’t help them – but maybe you can.

You get access to everything we have to offer, as well as the things that we continue to develop, so that you can enjoy the results that tried-and-true marketing strategies have to offer. The best part? We offer it all with affordability in mind so you can maximize your investment.

Television Commercials that Get Clients to Call

The bottom line is that we take great pride in producing effective TV commercials. They work.

Each commercial stresses the importance of:

  • Focused, caring customer service
  • Processing cases quickly
  • Personalized, professional service that meets clients’ needs

We can customize our professionally produced commercialsto reflect your firm’s name, number and a custom voice-over. That’s all included in the fee. You don’t have to write a script, find commercial actors who are talented enough to read it, and pay a production company to build your commercial from the ground up.

You don’t have to do anything, because we’ve already done the legwork.

Clients Get Direct Access to Your Office by Phone

Forget rotating systems that may or may not be fair. When you use our toll-free number, the phone company routes the calls directly to your office. There’s no middleman; nobody has a chance to interact with the callers before your receptionist picks up the phone.

You control the calls.

It’s that simple.

How Effective is this Plan?

We’re not a marketing firm. We’re simply lawyers sharing what’s worked for our firm with attorneys in other geographical areas. We’ve already implemented these marketing plans in our own firm, and we continue to test out new plans and make attention-grabbing, professionally produced commercials so we can expand our own firm even more.

Basically, we’ve learned the hard way so you don’t have to.

We take a multidimensional approach that includes a variety of marketing tools (including a logo to represent your brand and a catchy, unforgettable jingle). Those things combined are extremely powerful.

We’ll also introduce you to our marketing tools. We use everything from branded T-shirts for retained clients to “Thanks for calling” refrigerator magnets that we mail to every non-retained caller.

We have the formula that works.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have it for your firm, too?

Call us at 800-842-8462 or contact us online. There are no contracts, no long-term agreements and no headaches. We’ve found that what we offer is so valuable we don’t need contracts or long-term agreements; we certainly won’t put you through the headache of figuring out what works and what doesn’t, because we’ve already done that and learned from it.

Let’s talk.